WWE Philosophy


The WWE philosophy is to provide quality services, on time and on budget, and to adhere to the paramount responsibility of all licensed professional engineers—to protect public health, safety and welfare.  The cornerstones of WWE's success have been our multifaceted approach to quality work and abiding by strong business ethics standards.  The key components of this approach include:

1. Requiring high ethical conduct internally and externally.  WWE has been fortunate to receive many awards, but none are more important to us than the Ethics in Business Award from the Colorado Ethics in Business Alliance and the American Business Ethics Award from the Society of Financial Services Professionals.  The ethical practices that helped us receive these awards are integral to our approach to engineering.

2. Hiring the best people.  Many WWE staff members are leaders in their fields.  In addition to their normal work at WWE, they write technical books, manuals of practice and articles.  WWE engineers and scientists also teach professional classes and work at the cutting edge of the innovations that often become the state of the art for water resources management.

3. Using peer reviewers with interdisciplinary backgrounds.  WWE employs adjunct engineers and scientists who often serve as peer reviewers who provide quality checks while projects are in progress.  These peer reviewers have superlative credentials and extensive backgrounds in areas like hydrology, hydraulics, chemistry, limnology and biology.  WWE peer reviewers are veterans in their fields, college professors and retired leaders from the public sector.

4. Providing careful project management.  WWE project managers coordinate often to review and improve implementation of such tasks as project planning, client communication and services during construction.

5. Staying aware of the “big picture.” WWE is proud to provide not only solid engineering, but also integrated water resources management services.  A WWE design is not just soundly engineered, but it also meshes well with the client’s overall needs, resources and plans.  One of WWE’s strengths is the “big picture” perspective we provide.