Wastewater Treatment

WWE provides engineering for wastewater treatment process planning, design and services during construction. We provide design services for conventional and advanced processes for public/municipal, industrial, mining, oil and gas, and food processing categories. Our experience ranges from individual sewage disposal systems to facilities that treat up to 5 million gallons per day.

WWE has specialized services for discharge permitting including nutrient control regulations in Colorado and other states, proposed stringent limits addressing drinking water and fish consumption rates (arsenic and selenium to name two), limits for temperature and E. coli, stringent dissolved metal limits in mining applications and other site-specific issues.

Water reuse and reclamation is an important aspect of every wastewater project. WWE has extensive experience regarding the planning and design of recycling water. Treatment process experience includes biological, physical, and chemical processes for recycling. We have also incorporated separate graywater systems into our planning for development projects.