Sustainable Water Supply

WWE has helped many clients to develop sustainable water supplies since our company’s inception.  WWE has developed Water Conservation and Management Plans that focus on the operation and management of the clients’ water resources to identify additional water conservation and management measures that can either enhance existing water programs or serve as additional programs.  Factors evaluated encompass a broad range of actions including physical changes to infrastructure, water and climate monitoring and measurement, water user policies and education, resource consolidation and assessment of fees.

With Peter Foster at the helm, WWE has prepared a number of successful applications to the Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) for grant funding for the preparation of water conservation plans that have encompassed drought management planning, leak detection, adequate and accurate metering, demand analysis, irrigation efficiency, reuse and reclamation and other approaches towards water supply sustainability.  By examining tree rings (dendrochronology) and ice core data, Patricia Flood and Ken Wright have studied periods roughly 400 years ago to determine variations in water supply.