State of Colorado and Other State Agencies

WWE has worked for the State of Colorado and other state agencies in a number of capacities over the years.  We have provided expert testimony and trial preparation services on landmark water rights cases in Colorado Water Court.  WWE has worked on numerous assignments for the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, including the State Engineer’s Office, Colorado Water Conservation Board, State Lands Commission and others regarding water supply.  We have performed contracts with the Colorado Water Conservation Board that explored the feasibility, constraints and economic implications of implementing water conservation practices.   For 23 years, WWE has served as water an augmentation plan reviewer for the Colorado State Engineer’s Office.  WWE also provided engineering expert review/testimony for the State of Colorado regarding over $100 million worth of water damages sustained at Colorado State University, working closely with representatives of the state, including the Attorney General’s Office.

WWE has interacted with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and the Colorado State Geologist’s Office on projects involving ski area, residential and commercial land development; oil and gas development; and geologic hazards such as landslides, rockfall, debris flows, avalanches, and other issues.