Water Reuse and Conservation

WWE has been performing water conservation planning and reuse since our company was founded in 1961.  WWE professionals not only understand the importance of water conservation for sustainability, but they have the technical expertise and skills to turn theory into practice when developing water conservation plans.  WWE also understands the challenges of long-term water supply planning for local governments throughout Colorado and recognizes the substantial water savings that water providers can obtain through effective water conservation planning, including increasing efficiency and stretching water supplies through use of reclaimed water.

WWE has played a leading role in landscape water conservation in Colorado, working closely with landscaping industries to establish within-industry water conservation and water quality best management practices (BMPs) and training programs, in both English and Spanish.  WWE staff members frequently instruct courses on related topics such as Colorado water rights, landscape water conservation, stormwater management and other topics.  WWE’s Jane Clary was named 2008 Green Industry Person of the Year for her work in landscape water conservation.

WWE has long been an advocate of wastewater reuse.  For example, WWE played a significant role on the landmark Muskegon, Michigan, municipal wastewater treatment system.  We worked with the Colorado ski industry to evaluate the feasibility of making artificial snow with treated effluent.  WWE worked with Great Western Sugar Company to evaluate the feasibility of land-treating high total dissolved solids (TDS) wastewater.  Wayne Lorenz designed and oversaw the implementation of an extensive dual water system for Arapahoe County Water and Wastewater Authority.  To stay abreast of reuse innovations, WWE is currently collaborating with leading graywater researchers at Colorado State University.