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Best Management Practices

Stream Restoration as a BMP: Crediting Guidance

Agricultural BMPs

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Can Stormwater BMPs Remove Bacteria?

BMP Database Fact Sheet

BMP Effectiveness and Receiving Water Quality Protection

Golf Course BMPs

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Implementing Water Reuse

Modeling LID

Monitoring LID

Barriers to LID



Colorado E. coli Toolbox: A Practical Guide for Colorado MS4s

Planning for Variability & Uncertainty: Climate Change and the UDFCD Urban Drainage System

Regulation 85 Nutrient Data Gap Analysis for Colorado MS4s

The Use of Subcatchment Monitoring Data to Prioritize the Placement of Stormwater Treatment Controls

Temporary Diversion Sizing When Working in Waterways

Complying with the 2012 EPA Construction General Permit

Local Strategies in Nonpoint Source Pollution

Linear Stormwater Permitting

Developing a Stormwater Auditing Program at Construction Sites

Urban Stormwater Regulations

15 Reasons You Should Think Twice before Using Percent Removal


Water Rights

Appraisal of Water Rights



New Guidance from EWRI: Protecting Public Safety at Urban Water Facilities

Hidden Dangers and Public Safety

Dam Safety Imperative

Public Safety at Low Head Dams


Potential Factors Affecting Agricultural  Water Resources Management

Denver Metropolitan Area Fares Well During Severe Precipitation Event in September 2013

South Platte River

Flow of Water in Pipes

Parshall Flume Flow Table



Hydrogeology of the Colony Mine Site



Water Quantity Conversions

Acre-feet x 43,560 = cubic feet

Acre-feet x 1613.3 = cubic yards

Acre-feet x 325,851 = gallons

Acre-feet/day x 0.5 = acre-inches/hour

Acre-feet/day x 226.3 = gallons/minute

Acre-feet/day x 0.3259 = million gallons/day

Cubic feet x 1728 = cubic inches

Cubic feet x 0.03704 = cubic yards

Cubic feet x 7.481 = gallons

Cubic feet/second x 449 = gallons/minute

Cubic feet/second x 38.4 = Colorado miners’ inches

Cubic feet/second x 0.02832 = cubic meters/second

Feet of water x 0.0295 = atmospheres

Feet of water x 62.43 = pounds/square foot

Feet of water x 0.4335 = pounds/square inch

Gallons x 0.1337 = cubic feet

Gallons x 3.785 = liters

Gallons of water x 8.33 = pounds of water

Liters x 61.02 = cubic inches

Liters x 0.001 = cubic meters

Liters x 0.001308 = cubic yards

Liters x 0.2642 = gallons





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