Monument, Colorado, Water Treatment Plant







The Forest Lakes Metropolitan District in Monument, Colorado, is in the process of constructing a new surface water treatment plant to serve new development parcels.  The treatment facility will cost between $7 to $8 million.

WWE project manager Wayne Lorenz feels privileged to have had the opportunity to design this new facility, as do engineers David Foss and Hayes Lenhart.  They have enjoyed working with District Manager Ann Nichols Duffy.

The water will initially serve a new development being built by Classic Homes.  WWE worked with the operations staff to develop the selected adsorption clarifier/multi-media filter process approach. A major component of the water treatment plant project is a pipeline and raw water intake to be placed in the interior of Bristlecone Lake. WWE will provide services during construction of the facility.

   Big Thompson River Master Plan






WWE is assisting with master planning for nine miles of the Big Thompson River through Loveland and portions of Larimer County downstream of the mouth of Big Thompson Canyon. The project team is evaluating resiliency of the stream corridor to future flooding events as well as to potential changes in climate.

The Big Thompson River Corridor Master Plan project team conducted a 9-mile float trip on the Big Thompson River to document and further understand necessary improvements and resiliency approaches unique to each reach.

The project team consists of lead engineer Dr. Andrew Earles, Shannon Tillack, Julia Traylor and Brik

Zivkovich from WWE and other team members from THK Associates, Matrix Design Group and Blue Mountain, LLC.

Using a variety of watercrafts including kayaks, paddle boards and inner tubes, the project team documented their journey through a series of images that can be found in their draft online story map.

WWE would like to thank the City of Loveland, Larimer County and the Big Thompson River community for all of its assistance and ongoing support for work involved with the Big Thompson River Corridor Master Plan.  Through the float trip, the project team gained detailed perspectives on the desired channel and floodplain improvements.


Testing of Bulletin 17C Hydrology Procedures







The Subcommittee on Hydrology of the Advisory Committee on Water Information is proposing an update to Bulletin 17B, Guidelines for Determining Flood Flow Frequency, which was published in March 1982.

WWE’s Julia Traylor, Brik Zivkovich and Shannon Tillack were pleased to test the new Bulletin 17C procedures on actual stream gauge station records for evaluating the ease of use of the software and the clarity of the procedures.

Four gauge records with varying scenarios were tested using both the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) PeakFQ and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) HEC-SSP software. WWE would like to thank Will Thomas Jr., P.E., of Michael Baker International for the opportunity to conduct testing.

CSU Mountain Campus Wastewater






WWE was hired by Colorado State University (CSU) to provide wastewater treatment process evaluation and design expertise for its Mountain Campus in Pingree Park, Colorado.

WWE will prepare an alternatives analysis of wastewater treatment systems with the aim of developing a budgetary cost estimate that CSU will use to pursue funding for a new wastewater treatment system. CSU owns and operates the existing, seasonal, 20,000-gallon-per-day, extended aeration activated sludge wastewater treatment plant.  WWE’s evaluation will address high organic loading and nitrogen discharge limits, as well as expanding the current capacity of the treatment facility.

WWE has also been asked to evaluate the drinking water system at the CSU San Luis Valley Research Center, located east of Del Norte.  The system has been classified as a public water system and will need modifications to comply with treatment and monitoring standards required by the state of Colorado.

WWE’s Wayne Lorenz and David Foss look forward to working with Susanne Cordery, P.E., an Environmental Engineer with CSU’s Facilities Management department.




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