Larkspur, Colorado, Water System Improvements

The Town of Larkspur Water System Improvements project is keeping WWE busy!  The Town divided the project into several phases that are now active.  Larkspur’s new 450,000-gallon water storage tank, designed by WWE, is nearly complete and the contractor is addressing punchlist closeout items.

Meanwhile,  Larkspur’s new water transmission and distribution pipelines, which connect the new tank to the future water treatment plant and the Town’s distribution system, are in the middle of construction.  The contractor is installing three new parallel pipelines in a common trench, comprising  about 9,000 feet of pipe.  The three pipes are a 12-inch water transmission line to improve system redundancy and fire flow protection, a 6-inch water line to convey untreated water to the future water treatment plant, and a 6-inch water line to bring treated water from the treatment plant.

On top of the active construction, WWE’s design of a new Larkspur water treatment plant for iron and manganese removal is currently under review by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment as WWE prepares related bid documents.

WWE project manager Wayne Lorenz and engineers Jeff Nelson, Shannon Tillack, Eric Bodine and Karl Kingery have enjoyed working with Town Manager Matt Krimmer.