Steamboat Ski and Resort High Mountain Water Storage Tank

Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation released the design plans for bidding the Four Points Lodge Water Storage Tank.  The new 36,000-gallon water storage tank will be located close to the existing Four Points Lodge.

Four Points Lodge is one of several alpine ski lodges at the Steamboat Ski Area.  It is located at approximately 9,700 feet.  The new water storage tank will replace four existing 6,000-gallon tanks, which are currently inside of the building.  Removing these tanks from inside the building will open up space for locker rooms, food storage and public use.

This project is being bid out as part of a multi-year expansion project on the lodge, which will add nearly 200 seats (an approximately 60% increase).

Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation’s Lance Miles, John Albright and Dave Hunter have all been highly involved in the planning and design of this project. WWE’s Karl Kingery, Wayne Lorenz and Jennifer Keyes have enjoyed working with the Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation team and thank them for the opportunity to work on this unique project.  WWE was assisted by Kit Badger of Bates Engineering, who handled the structural design on the tank.