Middle Colorado River Integrated Water Management Plan and Fish Passage Design

WWE was selected by the Middle Colorado Watershed Council, a 501(c)(3) non-profit agency, as part of a team to develop the Middle Colorado River Integrated Water Management Plan. The geographic focus of the project is on the “middle” section of the Colorado River. The long-term goal of this project is to improve planning security for all water users by understanding and protecting existing uses, meeting shortages and maintaining healthy riverine ecosystems in the face of increased future demand and climate uncertainty. The project will be led by Scott Schreiber out of our Glenwood Springs office.  WWE will be supporting Seth Mason of Lotic Hydrological in the areas of water rights and peer review.

WWE was also selected by the Middle Colorado Watershed Council to lead the design of a fish passage project.  The project is located at the King Heatherly Diversion Dam on East Divide Creek near Silt, Colorado. The current diversion structure does not allow for passage by the Bluehead Sucker, which is a sensitive native Colorado species. The Bluehead Sucker has an impressive jump height of about one foot and can also use its mouth to “suck” (or crawl) its way up sloped faces.  Scott Schreiber will be WWE’s project manager for this project. WWE and the Council are grateful to Compass Tools for donating the use of a survey grade RTK GPS unit to acquire survey data for the existing diversion dam.