Charleston, West Virginia, Settlement

WWE provided extensive evaluations and Wayne Lorenz served as expert witness for the citizens and business owners of Charleston, West Virginia, regarding a much publicized contamination of the public water supply serving the City.  In January 2014, a chemical spill occurred in the Elk River upstream of the water supply intake for the City.  The spill affected the water that was delivered to over 300,000 people and many businesses.

WWE studied the treated water production and storage of treated water in the days prior to the spill, treatment processes to remove the contaminant and operations regarding the raw water intake gate.  A federal judge signed off on a $151 million settlement on a class action with residents and business owners to receive benefits from the settlement.

WWE worked with attorneys Alex McLaughlin of the Calwell Practice, Van Bunch of Bonnett Fairbourn Friedman & Balint and Kevin Thompson of the Thompson Barney Law Firm.  WWE’s Jeff Nelson, Karl Kingery, Anna Campbell, Tara Gurss,  Ben Rather and others assisted with the evaluations.