Industrial Stormwater Management

WWE has experience working with a broad range of industry types, assisting clients with stormwater management and compliance at both small and large facilities.  Our projects range from assisting family-owned industrial businesses with industrial stormwater permit requirements to advising large multi-national corporations on options for advanced stormwater treatment.

WWE CEO Jon Jones has served as an advisor to the EPA on a variety of stormwater management issues, including Jon’s review of the draft version of the EPA document Wet Weather Research Plan and Stormwater Pollution Prevention for Industrial Activities (1996).  He is now serving on an expert panel addressing stormwater management and treatment issues at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, a former rocket-testing facility located outside of Los Angeles.

Other industrial stormwater clients include U.S. Department of Energy facilities, ExxonMobil, Arch Coal Company, Boeing and the Coors Brewing Company.