Groundwater Quantity and Quality Assessment

WWE’s experience with groundwater quality and quantity is broad and includes evaluation of water supply sources for individual domestic needs, drilling and completion needs for energy companies, cooling water for industry and power production and geothermal resources for commercial applications.

WWE has been involved in numerous Denver Basin aquifer assignments in which the client needed to assess the available supply based on land area owned and existing aquifers underlying the subject property.  These assignments focused on the limitations established by the Denver Basin Rules and Regulations and close communication and interaction with the Division of Water Resources (DWR).  In most cases, our clients are interested in knowing the legally available supply relative to projected development demands.  WWE has also assisted clients with development of protocols to assess the viability of the aquifer as a long-term supply and to maximize the available supply without interfering with their own (or nearby) operating wells.

Our staff is knowledgeable of state and federal drinking water regulations and sampling protocols and other environmental quality standards and regulations.